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Serving you with nutritious foods

Planning and preparing healthy meals and snacks is one of our specializations. We make sure to serve you with well-balanced meals and snacks every day to optimize your health. Our foods are not only healthy but also delicious that even picky eaters can’t resist! Your meals and snacks are even made more enjoyable together with your co-seniors in our facility.

  1. All persons engaged in foodservice are knowledgeable in food service and observe personal hygiene and sanitary in the practice.
  2. All food is good quality and is stored and prepared in a healthy, attractive manner.
  3. Modified diets prescribed by a resident’s physician as a medical necessity shall be provided.
  4. Meals will be served in the dining area to encourage socialization among residents.
  5. Tray service will be provided in case of a temporary need.
  6. Assistive devices and appropriate interventions (i.e. smaller portions, finger foods, etc.) are used if a resident requires them.
  7. Menus will offer a variety of dishes, taking into account the cultural and religious background and food habits of the residents.
  8. Menus are kept on file in the facility to be served.

The following menu represents appropriate food groups and portions for our residents through a keen discussion. This menu may be revised based on their individual needs and desires while still keeping meals nutritious and balanced at all times.

Menu here…

To know more about how we can be of service, feel free to set an appointment with one of our representatives so we can discuss your care needs clearly. And if you happen to know someone who can benefit from our service, refer them to us. We’ll be glad to accommodate you!